Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Beatles Top 10 Best Acoustic Songs?

I want to share this video with you.

This guy listed in youtube The Beatles Top 10 Best Acoustic Songs for him.Take a look at his list and comment.

Do you agree? What are your favorites?? Watch the video

10. I'll be back

9. Mother Nature's Son

8. Girl

7. While my guitar gently weeps (Acoustic Version)

6. You've got to hide your love away

5. Dear Prudence

4. And I Love Her

3. Julia

2. Yesterday

1. Blackbird

3 comentarios:

Kayla said...

Awesome post, very good video, I'm going through it now for a second times. There's something about acoustic songs that makes me automatically like the song - in most cases.

J said...

great list but... while my guitar and girl i dont consider acoustic exactly... and julia is... weird..
i'm including in my list here comes the sun, norwegian wood and... because (also not exactly acoustic). certainly that mother natures son , blackbird and dear prudence is a must!

Dianne Grover said...

This video is splendid! There are several Beatles fans out there and will surely be happy to see this post. This band is among the greatest ever produced by the music industry and their influence is worldwide. This will inspire those who want to be good in guitar playing (with the help of guitar picks for instance) and play beautiful music. Please keep on posting such articles.